Specees Installation & Updating Guide

A. If you purchased the license or subscribed for the Trial version from our website:

1. Download Specess

Login to our website. Go to your account page. Download Mac / Windows installer or .zxp file of Specees under “My subscription”

2a. Install/update Specees with Mac / Windows installer

Double click the installer (.pkg / .eve) and follow on screen instruction to install.

For Mac user, do not select install location other from the default one.

2b. Install/update Specees (.zxp) with an Adobe compatible Extension Install Utility

Download Anastasiy’s Extension Manager (recommended by Adobe to install extension):
http://install.anastasiy.com/ (install & manage your .zxp extension)

Once downloaded and installed, start Anastasiy’s Extension Manager. Install Specees by selecting File > Install extension or following the instructions within the install utility and selecting the exten- sion from within your computer’s Downloads folder.

or ZXP installer:

https://zxpinstaller.com/ (install .zxp extension only)

DOwnload and install ZXP installer. Oopen ine installer, drag and drop your downloaded Specees .zxp file to ZXP installer will install Specees.

2c. Manually install/update Specees (.zxp)

  • Rename your .zxp extension file to use .zip instead.
  • Unzip the file, you should get a folder. Rename the folder as “Dazed.Design.Specees.sa"
  • Move that folder into :

    System extension folder

    • Win(x86): C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions
    • Win(x64): C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions, and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions (since CEP 6.1)
    • Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions

    Per-user extension folder

    • Win: C:\Users\< USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CEP/extensions
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions

3. Restart Illustrator

Restart Illustrator and navigate to “Window” → “Extensions” → “Specees v1” to access Specees.

The first time you start Specees, you will need to enter the valid email, password and the subscription key.

B. If you purchased the license from Adobe Exchange:

Specees will be installed through the Creative Cloud App automatically. You can check whether it is installed in the Adobe Creative Cloud App, select “Marketplace” then select “Manage Plugins”. Go to “Window” → “Extensions” → “Specees” to access Specees.

To update Specees, go to Adobe Creatice Cloud App on your computer. In "Marketplace", select "Manage plugins" from the left. Click on the "Update" button besides Specees will update the plugin.

Important Note:

For purchased Specees from Adobe Exchange: After installing Adobe Illustrator cc2021, some users may find Specees not working (a blank panel). In such case, please uninstall Specees and re-install it again in the Creative Cloud App (Marketplace, then Manage plugins). That should solve the issue.

Alternatively, users reports that install illustrator cc2020 alongside with cc2021 can also solve this issue: Go to Creative Cloud App, under the installed tab, click "..." on the right hand side of Aodbe Illustrator and select "Older versios". Install and open cc2020, you should find Specees there. Then restart cc2021 and Specees will be ok there. You can now uninstall cc2020 and keep using Specees on cc2021 normally.