Specees Features

Specees is an extension for specifying dimensions, fonts and color information of multiple objects in Adobe Illustrator. It supports defining multiple objects at once. Here are the full features:

For specifying Dimension

Specifying height/width, length of straight lines, radius of round corner of right angles of an object.

Specify width and height
Specify length of segments
Specify radius of round corner
of a right angle
Automatically arrange dimension to multi levels

Specifying distance and differences in position between multiple objects.

Distance between multiple objects
at once
Differences in position will be
displayed contextually
(selecting Top & Left)
Differences in position will be
displayed contextually
(selecting Bottom & Right)
Distance within another object
Automatically detect
distance vs. difference
Use together with specifying
height and width

Dimensions of the same value at the same horizontal or vertical position will only be presented once.

Duplicate dimensions will not be presented

Specify the length of all or selected line segments.

Select an object
Or select line(s) or anchor points
Can specify together with height and width at once

Specify radius of round corner of any right angle.

Select an object to display all
round corner radius
Or just select any round corner
Can specify together with
height/width and segments length at once

Select between 3 styles to display dimension.


Units supported: px, mm, cm, inches, feet, and pt.


Modify the dimension's appearance.

Dimension and line color can be copied to each another
Set dimension and line color separately
Add a solid background behind the dimension
Define font size
Define line stroke weight
Define the distance between dimension and the object.

Select where the dimension lines stop in relation to an object.

At the nearest side
At mid-point
At the opposite side

Set the number of decimal places.


Set the scale to display dimension.


You can use a variable in the scale field.


Example 1: you can specify the dimension of a logo in a unit 'L'.

Scale set to 1, unit set to mm
Scale set to L=6, unit set to mm

Example 2: you can specify objects in percentage.

Scale set to 1
To set the large rectangle as 100%
Set scale to 100%=60

Visual bound mode: stroke weight will be counted in dimension.

Visual bound mode: offt
Visual bound mode: on

For specifying Styles

Specify fill and stroke color of objects.

HEX color
(Document color mode: RGB)
RGB color
(Document color mode: RGB)
CMYK color
(Document color mode: CMYK)

Specify opacity.

Opacity set in Opacity Panel
Opacity separately set in Appearance Panel
(Holding 'option' in Mac / 'Alt' in PC)

Specify different types of color.

Gradient color: Linear
Gradient color: Radial
Spot color
Registration color

Specify an image's filename.

Will display filename for a linked image
Photo by Rob Potter on Unsplash
Will not show filename for an embedded image

Specify fonts properties (font family, font size, and leading).

Specify along with color properties
Specify fonts properties only
Specify color properties only

Note: Only the first character's fonts and color properties will be specified. You can highlight any character in a text to specify different properties.

Highlight text to specify different properties

When specifying multiple objects, specifications will the same properties will be grouped together.

Only objects will the exact same properties will be grouped